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Modern Security Drains
22 April 2021
Metabronze can provide you with a choice of 23 purpose designed security drains, inclusive of special tamper resistant features to suit your design and containment requirements.

Bronze Drain Suppliers Metabronze extend their range of Clamtite Drains
22 April 2021
With the extremes in weather that we are currently experiencing, and with predictions of these types of occurrances happening year-round, designers of building claddings and fittings are having to plan for these events. These extreme conditions, once seen every 50 or 100 years, seem to now be upon us every few years, even annually.

Why choose Metabronze for all your Roof and Floor Drain needs
22 April 2021
We are growing our customer base with our supply of Metabronze and SPS Roof & Floor drains for several reasons of which we are proud of, some reasons were a little unexpected!!

Vinyl Floor Wastes are becoming popular again
22 April 2021
As a supplier of Building Drainage Products, we have seen our vinyl floor wastes more popular of late. As a floor waste, the SPS push-in vinyl floor waste, Watermark Certified, is a well-built, solid, and aesthetically pleasing to look at floor waste.

Metabronze and Allproof - a Market Discussion & Observations
22 April 2021
Metabronze Industries has been around for almost 50 years in New Zealand, Allproof, not as long. However, Allproof is the largest supplier of Roof and Floor Drains in New Zealand. We are open about our goals to continue growing Metabronze Industries and the Metabronze brand to become the Roof and Drain Supplier of Choice. We realise it will take some time to reach the equivalent market share of Allproof, however, with presenting a high-quality product to the market, providing prompt and personalised service, with a solutions-based consultancy as well as a product that is able to fulfil environmental objectives for our customers, we know that we are well on our way. We enjoy interacting with customers, so please reach out and contact us. By doing so, you will receive the very best customer service. You will also be assisting us to provide a truly competitive marketplace.

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