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Taranaki Hospital choose the SPS Vinyl Floor Waste as their choice for Vinyl Floor Waste for their new five floor wing extension.
22 June 2023
Metabronze were asked if the business could provide a vinyl floor waste with the drain body, ring and grate made from 316 Stainless steel, product quality being the primary design objective for the vinyl floor waste that is going to be installed into a sanitary environment.

"Them Streets are paved with Silver"
4 May 2023
SPS Stainless Steel Inspection Point/Cleanouts line the streets of Central Auckland

Metabronze and North Harbour Foundry celebrate 10,000 castings
18 January 2023
The team at Metabronze are extremely proud to have combined with North Harbour Foundry to produce 10,000 metal castings, primarily with the use of quality M2 Bronze. Products that we started the relationship with, the iconic Metabronze bronze Clamtite Drain, the heavy duty Earth Clamps for the Electrical Trade, the mixture of Cleaning/Rodding eyes for the Construction Industry, and Roof & Floor drains, Back Nuts, and Flanges for the Plumbing Merchants and Roofing Trades.

SPS Basket Traps - Trusted in the most demanding environments
17 August 2022
When Hilton Foods Group recently built the largest meat processing facility in New Zealand they chose Metabronze to supply the SPS 300mm all 316 stainless steel Square Basket Trap for their processing floors

The Bronze Clamtite Drain is back
22 April 2022
Metabronze Industries is a New Zealand manufacturer of drainage equipment. We have been providing drainage solutions for over 40 years.

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