Architects and Specifiers


  • SPS Drains have obtained the coveted WATERMARK CERTIFICATION
  • These drains are designed with the focus on superior water flow rates 
  • Metabronze Drains are made from high quality bronze, aluminium and cast iron and built for durability and longevity
  • Our products have decades of proven performance with tens of thousands of SPS/MB drains sold each year
  • We use LG2 bronze for our locally manufactured Clamtite Drains and wider range of plumbing fittings
  • High quality 304 high quality grade steel and surgical grade 316 stainless steel are materials used extensively for vinyl floor wastes, basket traps and podium drains    

Specification Drawings

For each drain we have provided dimension data inclusive of;

  • The description of products detailing available product composition materials
  • A near scale PDF drawing of the range of drains - CAD technical drawings made available upon request
  • Specification Codes for drain sizes, grate variations, material grade & optional extras
  • Outlet, body, perimeter & depth measurements detailed 
  • Examples of typical applications for each drain
  • Compatible products, fittings & optional extras
  • Options for grate designs including heel friendly, security & flat top variations
  • Load Class tolerances for weight bearing drains
  • Special features such as security screws, non-slip & polished finishes

Flow Rate Data

To assist with your selection of drains, and the number of drains required for the area being serviced, we have tested the  water flow rates for the applicable range of our SPS roof and floor drains

The testing has been completed using dedicated Flow Rate testing equipment. The results have been independently certified using recognised NSC Gutter Outlet Testing procedures. 

Within the Flow Rate section page of our website, flow rate testing data results for varying levels of water are detailed and graphically displayed for each of the tested drains.     

Continuous Improvements

We are continuously working to stay ahead of needs associated with; changing weather patterns, modern roof & floor surfaces and systems, installation efficiency needs, security requirements and environmental concerns by;

  • Providing materials that will endure the harshest of environments
  • Supplying products that meet the highest of sanitary standards
  • Providing cost effective solutions for the growing demand for longer lasting products
  • Further focusing on providing water flow rate data
  • Meeting specialist Facilities requirements such as correctional, health & age care
  • Surpassing customer and project objectives for environmental needs, sustainability, re-purposing and re-cycling of building materials 

 Cost Effectiveness

  • Our pricing is competitive for a high quality product
  • We operate a low-cost business model
  • Bronze is not as cheap as plastic, however we believe this material will work out to be cheaper over the life of a building
  • Inter-changeable drain parts - bodies, rings, grates, allows for a site specific product to be provided for a more moderate cost
  • Superior Flow Rates provides for efficient management of surface water over larger surface areas
  • We can move on our pricing for larger project needs, we aim to make our customers more competitive
  • Existing designs can be adapted to suit unique location requirements and one-off needs      


We use the highest quality materials to endure the predicted extremities of our climate conditions

Our Bronze drains will last the life of your buildings

The high quality metals and cast iron that we use will perform well for many decades 

Over 98% of our drains sold are made from materials that can be re-purposed or recycled 

We will work with you to assist with your Sustainability and Environmental goals