New Zealand's Leading Manufacturer of Roof and Floor Drain Systems

  • Metabronze Industries

    Metabronze Industries Ltd has operated in New Zealand for almost forty years and continues to be one of the most recognised and respected names in Roof and Floor Drainage Systems with the Metabronze name being synonymous with quality and service. Metabronze continues to manufacture, maintain and service our Stuart Flushing Valves, many of which have been in service continuously since the early 1960s.

  • Drainage Products

    We strive to offer our customers a large range of products in line with our ongoing commitment to superior product design and continuous technological improvements. These include our traditional MBI and SPS Bronze Range, Plumbing Wares and Pipe Flanges and our newer SPS Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Range with exciting new grate designs. Metabronze has an ongoing committment to superior product design and continuous technological improvements. Our traditional Clamtite Range has been extended to include push-in connections for direct insertion into PVC piping in sizes 150mm, 100mm and 80mm outlet diameters.

All Metabronze products can be purchased through Mico, Plumbing World,
Chesters Plumbing, Mastertrade or any of the leading plumbing merchants