Metabronze has been operating in New Zealand for almost 50 years and continues to be one of the most recognised and respected names in Roof and Floor Drainage Systems. The Metabronze name is well known for providing innovative solutions, quality products, and personable service. 

With a long-established relationship developed with SPS - Specialty Plumbing Supplies, the market leading Australasian supplier of commercial and residential roof and floor drains, the Metabronze range has been extended to suit the many different building styles, surface construction materials, climatic and environmental conditions.

We provide consideration to Architects, Engineers, Builders, Plumbers, Facilities Managers, and the End Users. We work closely with our customers to continuously improve the design of our Roof and Floor Drain products, our documentation, and communications, as we strive provide variety of product, and improve efficiencies to plumbing systems and drain installations. 


Metabronze operates an established manufacturing and distribution network to supply more than 500 specialised products to the residential and commercial plumbing markets.

Our products have been designed in-house for New Zealand and Australian conditions, with the use of high-grade materials; bronze, brass, stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum, to provide a long life for our drains, as well as assist with minimising any maintenance costs to the end user.

Our SPS range of Roof and Floor Drains boasts the coveted Watermark Certification.

Today, you will see our drains within a wide variety of environments, inclusive of specialised applications for; Airports, Supermarkets, Laboratories, Historic Dwellings, Government Buildings, multi-level Apartments & Hotels, Correctional and Health Facilities, as well as more commonly sighted areas such as paved public & landscaped areas, residential & commercial roofs, retail car parks and industrial driveways. 

As a market leader in Drainage and Surface Water Control Systems, with a focus on providing the right solution for our customers, we believe the quality of our drain products will stand the test of time, be suitable for your applications, and surpass your expectations.  


For each Roof & Floor drain we have provided dimensional data inclusive of; 

  • Description of product composition materials
  • A near scale PDF drawing of the drain
  • Specification code
  • Outlet dimensions as well as grate, body perimeter & depth measurements
  • Examples of typical applications for each drain
  • Compatible products, fittings & optional extras
  • Choice of multiple grate designs including heel friendly designs
  • Load Class tolerances for weight bearing drains
  • Special features such as non-slip and polished finishes

CAD technical drawings can be made available upon request. 


We have a wide selection of Roof, Floor and specialised application drain products, as well as the ability to custom-build new products or adapt current products to suit unique requirements.  

We have however, several Roof and Floor Drain products that our customers regularly use as 'go to' drains for outdoor areas; roofs, podiums and balcony areas, as well as internal area floor surfaces. 

To assist with your selection, we have provided a page of our more frequently requested Roof and Floor drains.

Feedback provided to us from our customers indicates that these selected drain products are chosen for their proven performance, visually pleasing looks, long lasting functionality, and ease of installation, as well as being well priced for their purpose and comparative to other suppliers. 


When selecting a drain for your application you will need to have knowledge of the maximum amount of water that the drain will be exposed to. Roof and Floor Drains may not be continuously exposed to water, however consideration should be given for times when abnormal conditions may exist.

The flow of water for most indoor Floor Drain uses can be anticipated. Outdoor Roof and Podium drains have the added complexities of the maximum rainfall anticipated for the area, size of gutter and down piping, as well as the slope and strength of affected surfaces.

Your Engineer or Architect will be able to provide information relating to the drain capacity for your application.

The primary development focus of the SPS range of drains, roof drains especially, is the water flow through the grate and upper drain body system.  

To assist with your selection of Roof or Floor drains, and the number of drains required for the area being serviced, we have tested the water flow rates for a range of our SPS roof and floor drains.

The testing has been completed using dedicated Flow Rate testing equipment. The results have been independently certified using recognised AHSCA Gutter Outlet Testing procedures.

Within the Flow Rate section of our website, flow rate testing data results for varying levels of water are detailed and graphically displayed for each of the tested drains.         


Our people are totally dedicated to servicing our customers, and we believe that we can provide you with a competitive price for your chosen product as we are constantly striving to improve every aspect of our business. 

  • We respond swiftly to your enquiry, inclusive of providing accurate technical detail, allowing you to make an informed decision when ordering for your project application.
  • Reduce any wastage within our business production processes with the use of in-house specialist resources working alongside the highest quality supply partners.
  • Provide a lean distribution system that will allow you to receive your selected products in the shortest possible delivery time. 
  • Reduce costs by providing high quality materials, including material grades LG2 Bronze and surgical grade stainless steel, and therefore providing our customers with a longer lasting product.

Listening to our customers assists us with making applicable improvements to our current range of roof and floor drain products, as well as assisting our technical team with introducing new product designs. Customer feedback is important for our business in an ever-changing environment, with your comments especially, assisting us with one of our primary objectives; this being to minimise the installation and maintenance costs for our drain products to the end user.      


The highest quality materials will contribute to extending the life of your building.

Our roof and floor drain products, made from metals; bronze, brass, cast iron and high-quality stainless steel, are built to last, and possess the significant benefit of being able to be readily re-purposed or recycled should there be a need. 

From our four decades of industry experience, we have realised that our roof and drain products are generally out lasting the building materials that surround them, and that our bronze products especially, cast locally in Auckland, could conceivably last several centuries. 

With over ninety seven percent of our supplied roof and floor products made from materials that can be re-used or recycled upon the end of their life, we are proud to be able to provide a sustainable solution that is assisting with eliminating or minimising waste products from construction sites. 

We will work with you to achieve your sustainability and environmental objectives.