Environmental Sustainability - Metabronze Bronze drains made to out-last your buildings

22 April 2021

Environmental Sustainability "the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance"

Within the industry of residential and commercial drain products , drainage, and plumbing supplies, what more could be more environmentally sustainable than to provide customers with locally made drain products that will take many decades, if not centuries to break down. We are talking specifically about the Metabronze bronze range of roof and floor drains. This range of drains, inclusive of our Clamtite, Truflo, Hytop, Parapet roof drains, push-In, vinyl floor wastes and multipurpose drains, will more than likely out last the life of the building that they are housed within. 

And when the life of the building or bronze drain does come to an end, the Metabronze bronze drain can either be re-used, or the bronze metal material recycled. The highest of quality and and purity of the bronze used in every Metabronze drain product ensures that the 'end of life' metal is valuable and can be melted down in a foundry and re-purposed for another bronze product. 

Our foundry, located on the North Shore of Auckland, allows Metabronze to to really provide a local 'low carbon transit foot print' drain product to the New Zealand Market.

The Metabronze iconic bronze clamtite roof drain, now approaching fifty years of manufacture in New Zealand, is now available in two sizes per outlet size, our Clamtite 'Superflo' range and our Clamtite 'Compac' range. 

The Compac model, developed in the last four years, uses less metal than it's Superflo 'big brother' while still providing an excellent water flow rate result. Consequently, we can provide a very cost effective roof drain that competes on price with drains made from inferior metal and plastic materials. 

The Metabronze Compac and Superflow roof drains, provided in outlet sizes; 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, are also widely purchased for their application benefits, these being; the easy central fastening system, as well as the wide flange area that provides more than sufficient surface area to apply membrane roofing material.

We believe the Metabronze Bronze range of Roof and Floor Drains 'ticks' many environmental sustainability objectives; 

  • Locally made - providing a low transit 'carbon foot print' 
  • Manufactured to stand the test of time
  • Made for New Zealand's extreme climatic conditions
  • Quick to install - lowering on-site labour time and associated cost
  • Able to be re-purposed at the end of life of the roofing material or building
  • Bronze is able to be recycled at the end of it's functional life
  • Brass, 316 & 304 stainless steel fastening bolts adds to the longevity of the bronze drains   

When looking to compare drain products, we believe that our range of Bronze Drains are cost competitive over the life of your building, as well as being able to achieve environmental goals that are becoming important in today's Construction market.   

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