Metabronze Marine Chandlery

22 April 2021

Metabronze Industries has maintained a high standard of manufacturing expertise for over forty five years.

Metabronze specialises in the production of the traditional range of marine hardware made of the highest quality bronzes and finished to the highest standard. 

Most of our products are sourced from non-ferrous sand castings and along with our own range of quality products we also manufacture goods for contract.

Our range of marine products has been tried and tested for many years both in New Zealand and overseas. Many of the pleasure boats built or refurbished in New Zealand have used Metabronze products.

It is the company's policy to produce goods of a very high standard and it reinforces this by employing skilled personnel and Industry partners who maintain updated machinery in modern workshops. 

Metabronze is committed to the continued monitoring and development of it's products and systems, and we have a determination to continue producing a quality product and delivering a personalised quality service.   

Our range can be viewed on this site - see the 'Marine' tab, or at We can also send you  copy of our Metabronze Marine Chandlery Catalogue. 

Our Marine Chandlery selection of quality products includes; 

Bollards, Cleats, Bow & Stern Chocks, Rigging Gear, Portholes, Handrail Ends, Hasp & Staples, Eye Bolts, Intake Strainers, Cow Ventilators, Rowlocks, ships Bells, and much more. 

There are up to six sizes for each each product. 

Our Chandlery products are hand made and finished to a polished or chrome plated standard or if you wish to complete the finishing process yourself, we can leave the products in a rumbled state.

Please do not hesitate to call us for your marine hardware needs.      


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