Metabronze - Supplier of spare parts for the Stuart Flushing Valve

22 April 2021

Need parts for the Stuart Flushing Valve, Metabronze is your 'one stop shop'

Stuart Valve Spare Parts 

Metabronze supplies parts for the Stuart Flushing Valve. We supply parts as 'spares' only as we do not manufacture the Valve Body, and now do not possess the technical equipment to enable pressure testing of the valve as a complete unit. 

We do believe that the valve body, made solid from brass, if maintained with the replacement valve parts when required, should continue to service well for many decades. 

Metabronze supplies two replacement parts packages, the VALVE CAP ASSEMBLY, this pack comprising of the; Valve Cap, Pilot Valve, PVC Controller & Cap Washer, and the PUSHER ASSEMBLY, this pack comprising of the; Valve Pusher, Pusher Spring, Pusher Ferrule & Pusher Gland.

We also provide a REPAIR KIT, comprising of the Flushing Valve parts that we believe should be changed over during annual maintenance checks or when pressure of the unit is starting to lessen.       

All Stuart Flushing Valve spare parts can be viewed in the PLUMBING WARE section of the website. All parts can also be sold separately. We do not guarantee the life of the parts nor the performance of the Stuart Flashing Valve.   

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