The Bronze Clamtite Drain is back

22 April 2022

Metabronze Industries is a New Zealand manufacturer of drainage equipment. We have been providing drainage solutions for over 40 years.

The Bronze Clamtite is back

Why - The Drain has a long life, strength, simplicity of design, less impact on the environment, and the ability to be re-used or re-cycled at the end of it's life.. which could be well over 100 years from now.  

The Metabronze Clamtite range of Dome and Flat Grate drains have been used on New Zealand roofs for over 40 years, and are still one of the most popular metal roof drains on the market. 

The Metabronze Clamtite range, with multiple body, ring and grate size options for each outlet size (65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm outlets) provides for an excellent flow of water, with the 'Superflow' option, the larger Clamtite in the range, providing for a superior flow rate for the management of roof top water.

Whilst the bronze material may be more expensive to purchase than the plastic equivalent, the drain is stronger, better looking, and over the life of the bronze drain, the overall cost of the drain will work out to be considerably less. 

And Roofing Membrane Applicators prefer the Metabronze Clamtite Drains for several reasons. The wide flange of the Metabronze Clamtite body provides ample area to apply the membrane material onto.

With the central clamping system of the Metabronze model, there is no need to apply the membrane anywhere near the fastening bolts, (which if penetrated, could allow water to seep through below the roofing surface)

Commercial Plumbers also feel comfortable with the Metabronze Clamtite as there is no way for the drain to crack (as opposed to plastic) during the installation and fastening of the drain. 

Architects and Facade Engineers, with the current view to minimising the impact on the environment, providing a longer lasting construction materials, and materials that can be re-purposed or re-cycled, are also recommending the Bronze Clamtite as replacements for current building drains or for new builds.     

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