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Types of channel drains
22 April 2021
There are four common types of channel drains which are based on forming or installation method

'Rich-Listers' chooses the Metabronze Sustainable Solution
22 April 2021
We are currently supplying our Building Drainage Products to two up-market residences whose owners are looking for building materials to last a very long time within coastal environments.

Drainage products that last
22 April 2021
When you are building a channel drain, it is vital that you use drainage products that are well designed, compliant with current standards and composed of high quality materials. If you use sub-standard drainage products, you are placing the entire project in jeopardy.

Channel drains from Metabronze - the perfect drainage solution
22 April 2021
Are you looking for top quality channel drains? Metabronze Industries is a renowned Kiwi company that supplies roof and floor channel drainage solutions. We are committed to using superior materials and outstanding designs and we have been providing a large range of channel drains to New Zealand customers for over 40 years.

Drainage supplies you can trust
22 April 2021
We’ve learned a few things over those 40 years. We’ve also earned a formidable reputation in the industry. Plumbers and tradesmen throughout the land have known for many years that they can rely on our channel drainage supplies. We pride ourselves on making dependable equipment that gets the job done.

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