Metabronze and North Harbour Foundry celebrate 10,000 castings

18 January 2023

The team at Metabronze are extremely proud to have combined with North Harbour Foundry to produce 10,000 metal castings, primarily with the use of quality M2 Bronze. Products that we started the relationship with, the iconic Metabronze bronze Clamtite Drain, the heavy duty Earth Clamps for the Electrical Trade, the mixture of Cleaning/Rodding eyes for the Construction Industry, and Roof & Floor drains, Back Nuts, and Flanges for the Plumbing Merchants and Roofing Trades.

It was an obvious partnership when Metabronze decided to outsource their bronze castings, Gary Wood of North Harbour Foundry with over 40 years in the business, teaming up with Max Wagner of Metabronze Industries, also with decades of experience in the Roof and Floor Drain Industry.

Gary Wood was quick to understand needs of our business, states Max Wagner, former Principal of Metabronze Industries, so it was a very easy transition. Gary's ability to move quickly on our orders, allowed our Roof and Floor Drain Business to maintain a reputation for prompt servicing for Metabronze customers. 

Gary and his team were quickly able to understand the wide variety of Rainwater Outlets and Floor Drain products that needed to be produced each and every week, with Metabronze at he time, serving both Electrical and Plumbing Merchants, as well as Construction Companies and Property Developers. Added to these demands, was the need to cast precision Marine Chandlery products for the Domestic and International Marine Industry. 

Over the years Metabronze Roof and Floor Drains and North Harbour Foundry have developed many variations and additions to the extensive range of over 300 Floor and Roof drain product patterns, inclusive of customising products for unique uses and the production of the most intricate patterns required to replace fittings on classic yachts here and from around the world. 

Nowadays we regularly use 3D-printing to develop Floor and Roof drain product patterns as this modern tool adds further accuracy and speed of delivery if there are variations or a one-off product requested. 

The creation of oversized and more compact versions of our Clamtite rain Rainwater outlets as well as several attachments for these Bronze Drains were developed at North Harbour Foundry between the Customer Service, Manufacturing and Machining Teams.        

This business partnership still works extremely well, and as both businesses continue to grow. Going forward, we are well on our way to producing another 10,000 Building Drainage Products in half as many years.  

Both Gary and Greg are both proud to be producing quality Bronze, Brass, Aluminum and Cast-Iron Roof and Floor drain products, Electrical and Marine fittings right her in Auckland for both the domestic and international markets.   

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