"Them Streets are paved with Silver"

4 May 2023

SPS Stainless Steel Inspection Point/Cleanouts line the streets of Central Auckland

In and around Lower Queen Street, Britomart, Federal Street, through to footpaths and landscaped areas in and around our new Inner-City Train Stations, you'll see our SPS Range of Cleanouts. 

These heavy-duty Cleanouts, specifically the R130SCRN, and the R200/150SCRN, are ideal for foot, bicycle, E-Bike, and scooter traffic as they are strong, and come with non-skid lids.

SPS & Metabronze Cleanouts & Rodding SyesThe lids on both the R130SCRN and the R200/150SCRN are gas tight, and, if required, are provided with security screws. 

The combination of a brushed stainless steel and gun metal grey finish on the lid allows for the Cleanouts to blend in with the street environment as well as provide aesthetic appeal. 

The R130SCRN Cleanout fits to standard 100mm PVC piping, the R200/150SCRN, fitting to standard 150mm PVC piping. These Cleanout/Inspection Point products also suit copper, cast iron and HDPE pipes.   

Other SPS Cleanout products include compact versions of the 100mm and 150mm Cleanouts, these, R110SCR & R160SCR, are still 316 Stainless Steel, have a great looking brushed steel finish, and are very cost-effective.

Customers are viewing the R110SCR and R160SCR Cleanouts as a viable alternative to cheaper material alternatives.  

Square top Stainless-Steel Cleanouts provide an alternative to the circular Cleanouts, these coming in both a flat bushed steel finish as well as non-skid lid surface. The square top is often chosen for tiled areas as the square edge is easier to tile up to. 

The SPS Drain range of Cleanouts also include Cleanouts that push into vinyl, (VH80SPA, V100SPA, V100SPNA, LG150SPA, and the V100SP26A, this Cleanout boasting a lid free of screws, this design being ideal for more sanitary areas. 

The LG150SPA Cleanout, fitting into vinyl, is height adjustable. 

There's also a 275mm round heavy duty cleanout that pushes into 225mm pipe. This Cleanout is really strong with a class D rated loading.    

All SPS Inspection Point / Cleanouts are fitted with two O-ring chords for secure & tight fitting to the internal surface of the PVC or alternative piping.   

Our Metabronze range provides for a cost-effective screw on Bronze Cleaning/Rodding Eye in 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 150mm outlet sizes, and we can customise other sizes to work for any non-standard pipe sizing. 

Whatever Cleanout / Inspection Point or Rodding you need, Metabronze and SPS have the solution.  

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