Spare Parts For Stuart Valves


65. VALVE CAP ASSEMBLY comprising

76 Valve Cap              74 Pilot Valve                72 PVC Controller             70b Plastic Cap Washer (for coded valve)

65 Valve Cap Assembly
The assembly is supplied as a fully tested unit and is recommended for use particularly with the older die cast valves. When maintenance is required, simply swap the new fully tested assembly for the old one for years more trouble free operation.
In multiple installations we suggest that a spare be kept on the shelf for use when assemblies needing service can be sent to our factory for reconditioning (or replacement).

78. PUSHER ASSEMBLY comprising

78a Pusher Only             78b Pusher Spring             78c Pusher Ferrule           70 Pusher Gland




81 Push Button Assembly              80b Handle Nut Assembly CP         80a Handle Nut Assembly concealed          82 Wallplate C.P.


79 handle Nut       89 Isolator handwheel     90 Isolator Dome C.P.      71a Isolator Gland

85a Isolator Top Assembly C.P.       85 Isolator Top Assembly concealed       88 Isolator Jumper Assembly     86 Isolator Jumper

87 Isolator Jumper Seat           71 Isolator Outlet Washer          71b Isolator Top Washer


No 69 PLASTIC (for current models)
Consists of – 72 1 PVC Controller – 75a 1 Inlet Washer – 70 1 Gland – 70b 1 Plastic Cap Washer

83 Service Spanner