What's happening with Metabronze - Quarter 2 2024

22 April 2021

There has been exciting times for Metabronze this quarter with new products being released, staff training ramping up, and our products contining to be the choice for some of the large Auckland based Building and Infrastructure projects.

We started our new financial year with sending two key staff, Greg Collett and Lucy Collett to one of the two SPS Facilities in Sydney. With a day spent with the local team, General Manager, Martin Roach, CFO Andrew Davis, and National Sales Manager, Matt Dawson, we were provided with some intensive training, inclusive of product knowledge learnings, introductions to new products and products currently being developed, as well as innovative ways to further improve our freighting connections. And of course, we were treated to some great "Aussie" hospitality by way of lunch down at the local craft beer brewing establishment.

Whilst we supply the Metabronze range of bronze Rodding Eyes, having seen a prototype of a manganese bronze push-in Cleaning eye, we believe that this product could be useful in a slightly different market within New Zealand, and add an alternative to the current SPS Stainless Steel range of Cleaning eyes. And some specifiers like the longevity benefits that bronze provides. 

To compete in the Roof Drain market where plastic materials are utilised, SPS has developed an ABS lower body single flange Roof Drain, to work with the current SPS aluminium & bronze flat & dome rings & grates. We are excited with this design as it provides the single flange concept, which is readily used in our market, a cost comparison benefit with our cast iron and bronze roof drains, and a product being lighter than metal alternatives, will well with a membrane over wooden roofs. 

Also, during our visit to the SPS facilities, we were provided with a demonstration of their flow measuring instruments, this sophisticated equipment, being used on this occasion to re-test the Metabronze range of clamtite drains. Whilst the waterflow results were immediately impressive, we will publish on our website the results as soon as we have completed the exercise. 

Back in Auckland, we have just had our 50mm Overflow connection approved by Beca, for the use with our 225mm Clamtite Roof drain, these 'Superflow' Roof Drains being used at the Auckland International airport. We are proud to have partnered Beca and Hanlon Plumbing for the introduction of this product.  We believe our SIA225D2 to be the only 225mm outlet Roof Drain with Overflow component currently on the market.

Our SPS Floor & Podium Drains, inclusive of the vari-level designs are continued to be installed at three stations of the CRL. These floor drains, with a unique flange design, offers the benefits of added leak control, with an easier installation provided by the screw in upper body and grate. 

Other infrastructure and building projects that Metabronze are involved with includes the for-mentioned Auckland Airport, Mercy Hospital, and the Metro Group of Buildings in Christchurch. You will also find our 100mm and 140mm Inspection Print Clean-outs all over central Auckland, in and around the current improvements to roading and sidewalks. With a robust and clever non-slip design, we believe these products to be very suitable to the high pedestrian count of the inner- city, especially around the new train station developments of the CRL.     

Some comments that may assist you with your product selections

  • Security screws can be provided for most of our products
  • With dimensions provided, or a sample grate, we can create a pattern/mould, and cast grates of any brand that may have gone missing
  • All our SPS outlet drains with 100mm outlets, with our purpose designed O-rings, can be used with HDPE pipe
  • Tilers prefer our square floor drains over the round ones, this design allowing for a better finish of their grout products
  • There's not a great difference in cost for our 304 grade and 316 grade stainless steel floor drains. If weighing up benefits, we prefer to supply the 316 grade for external use, with the 304 grade being used inside. With internal use, it can come down to the finish of the grate, the 304-grade providing a polished finish, the 316 providing a 'brushed' grate finish.    

We thank you for your support. If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Until next time 

Regards Greg  










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