Roof drains are essential for a flat roof

22 April 2021

If you’ve got a flat roof, then the odds are it’s going to leak. Good quality roof drains are an essential part of any modern building. Leaving rainwater sitting on your roof is asking for trouble, so give us a call and we can supply the best type of roof drains for every situation.

Rain water can build up on a flat roof faster than you think, and without roof drains to take it away, you and your property could be in serious trouble. As a general rule, rainwater that builds up on a roof for longer than 48 hours needs to be removed. If not, then the rainwater will gather, building up to the point that it becomes too heavy for the roof to hold, and eventually lead to collapse.

Even if the damage isn’t that extreme, and the water drains away eventually, or the sun evaporates it, leaving water on any surface is never a good idea. The build up can saturate the roof material, soaking through into the wood. This causes rot, and even the toughest materials will begin to deteriorate if left untreated.

Roof drains are an essential part of your home drainage system, and all it takes is one bad storm to make you realise just how essential they are. Even if you have roof drains, then you might think they’re doing the job. But when was the last time you checked? Have you been up on the roof to take a look? Some old-school roof drains weren’t designed to last, or were simply designed badly to begin with. If this is the case, then they might be easily blocked, stopping them from doing their job correctly. In some cases it might be the installation that’s messing things up, like the drain is sitting too high to be effective.

Metabronze are the drainage experts. We provide the perfect solution to any drainage problem you may have. If you’re looking for roof drains, then give us a call.

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