Channel drainage equipment that you can trust

22 April 2021

A channel drain needs to be reliable for many years. It is vital that it is well built using top quality drainage equipment. Metabronze Industries is a New Zealand manufacturer of drainage equipment. We have been providing drainage solutions for over 40 years.

We’ve learned a few things over the decades. We’ve also earned a formidable reputation in the industry. Plumbers throughout the country have known for many years that they can rely on our channel drain products. We pride ourselves on making reliable drainage equipment that does the job.

So how does a company like ours stay at the top of our game? We’ve been able to keep our position in the marketplace for two reasons. For one thing, it is vital to keep working on our channel drainage equipment and constantly try to improve them. We are constantly working on product design so that our channel drain equipment is state of the art. We know the importance of striving for perfection, which is why we’ve been able to stand out from the crowd. We have learnt the value of adaptability so that new technologies and discoveries are quickly implemented into our processes.

The other reason for our longevity in the channel drain business is that we are flexible. There are always new developments in technology and processes and we’ve been able to incorporate them into our drainage equipment. We’ve learned to be adaptable through the years and this has helped us to weather all the ups and downs of the economy.

So the next time that you need reliable channel drain products look out for Metabronze Industries drainage equipment, available at Plumbing World, Mastertrade and all other major plumbing outlets.

Metabronze Industries – making superior channel drainage equipment that you can trust. If you need a drainage solution, we’ve got the right one for you.



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