Build a top notch channel drain with Metabronze

22 April 2021

The success of a well-built channel drain can be vital. The failure of any drainage solution can have serious consequences. If you want to ensure that failure is not an option you need to use drainage products from Metabronze Industries.

At Metabronze we really know our stuff. We’ve been manufacturing channel drains for decades and we’ve weathered the ups and downs of the economy, and we’ve seen a lot of technological change. You could say that we’re a part of NZ plumbing history.

Our secret recipe for success is not actually that secret – quality channel drain products and adaptability are the cornerstones upon which we have built our company and our reputation.

We use only the latest technology to provide you with first-class products. Rainwater outlets, balcony drains, security drains, push-in drains, chrome valves and isolates – our drainage solutions are reliable and well designed. Have a look at our catalogue to familiarise yourself with our product line.

We’ve developed our products using processes and materials that have been tested over and over again. We’re never satisfied with our channel drain equipment. We constantly work to find ways of improving and developing. That’s why we’ve been able to keep ahead of our competitors.

Plumbers throughout the country have trusted our channel drain products for decades. That’s why our equipment can be found at all major plumbing outlets such as Plumbing World and Mastertrade.

Metabronze Industries – making exceptional channel drain products that do the job. Our company has lasted the distance and so does the equipment that we make. Metabronze is a quality manufacturer of drainage channels and pipes in New Zealand. We can help you choose the right drainage channel for your project, and provide you with guidelines for the installation. Call us today for all your drainage solutions.



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