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22 April 2021

Metabronze has the drainage solutions that you need. If you are searching for a quality product that will give you the professional result that you require, ensure that you only select our equipment. Designed and manufactured with Kiwi ingenuity, Metabronze is the best choice for any project.

We’ve been in the business for over 40 years and we’ve built our brand and reputation by supplying superior drainage channel products that can be trusted to do the job correctly. Are you happy to use sub-standard equipment? Don’t choose another manufacturer because Metabronze only produces exceptional metal grating.

As well as top notch metal grating we also manufacture other trustworthy roof and floor drainage products. If you need storm water drains, plumbing and tiling outlets or parapet drains, we have the solution. Why buy imported equipment when you can support New Zealand designed and manufactured items?

Over the past four decades Metabronze has been continuously providing innovative and industry leading products. Professionals all over the country have been relying on our metal grating for years. They know that we use the best materials, and place huge emphasis on product development and process improvement. This allows us to consistently manufacture high quality equipment.

The next time you are looking for drainage channel solutions, remember Metabronze. You can associate our name with trustworthiness, reliability and innovation – Kiwi style. We won’t let you down and our products will enhance and support the success of your project. Product development is of paramount importance to Metabronze. We’ve achieved success by being flexible and adaptable. We’ve also learned to constantly search for new and innovative production processes, materials and product designs. The search for perfection has helped us to maintain our reputation in the industry and allows us to consistently produce the best quality metal grating.

Metabronze Industries – producing drainage channel solutions that will last the distance and do the job right.



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