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22 April 2021

To cover all customer needs, Metabronze supply the Metabronze bronze Podium drains as well as the SPS stainless and cast iron Podium Floor Drains.

These square and round grate drains (see Push-In Floor Drains) will not only provide a long life for your drainage system, with their great looking designs, they will enhance the look of your Commercial or Residential development. 

The heel friendly (6mm gaps) grate pattern designs provide for safe walking areas in and around your building and landscaped locations.

The stainless steel hinged grates allows for easy access should there be a need to clean or inspect the system

The great aesthetic appeal of the grates is enhanced by the choice of a polished and satin 304 & 316 stainless steel finishes with the stainless steel and bronze finish options providing for a solid, functional and 'classy' looking outlet drain. 

There are stainless steel and cast iron selections for the drain bodies, with retrofit options, and additional coupling connectors to suit as required.     

The Metabronze Podium & Floor Drain selections - strong, reliable, great looking, sanatory, and long lasting 

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