Vinyl Floor Wastes - Solid, great looking, safe, sanatory and easy to install

22 April 2021

The SPS V range of Vinyl Floor Wastes are available in outlet sizes; 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, & 150mm as well as compact and side outlet options. With several size and material variations for ring, grate and the body for the range of vinyl floor wastes, there will be a design to work for your project.

Depending on your functional needs and budget, there is a choice of materials with 304, 316 Stainless steel , ABS, chrome plated zinc alloy, and cast iron. For certain models, the materials are inter-changable. 

Heal friendly grate designs, twin O-rings and Universal Fin-Seal connectors shows that we are looking to fully satisfy the Drain Installer as well as the End User.

Again, Metabronze and SPS brings you an original design that is simple, functional, long lasting, and with the choice of several materials for the ring, grate and body, very versatile, and cost effective. 


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