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Cleaning Eye/Inspection Point - Product Development news
22 April 2021
We are pleased to announce several new Cleaning Eye products to be introduced in the second quarter of 2021

Metabronze - Supplier of spare parts for the Stuart Flushing Valve
22 April 2021
Need parts for the Stuart Flushing Valve, Metabronze is your 'one stop shop'

Looking for quality Podium Drains
22 April 2021
To cover all customer needs, Metabronze supply the Metabronze bronze Podium drains as well as the SPS stainless and cast iron Podium Floor Drains.

Metabronze Bronze Clamtites out-last building claddings
22 April 2021
..So why was Metabronze called upon to repair or replace our Clamtite drains?

Metabronze Marine Chandlery
22 April 2021
Metabronze Industries has maintained a high standard of manufacturing expertise for over forty five years.

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