When only the best metal grating will do choose Metabronze

22 April 2021

If you need metal grating that is guaranteed to do the job you need to choose products from Metabronze industries. If you want professional results then our equipment is the solution for you. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry and we know how to deliver well designed and manufactured products that you can rely on.

Metabronze provides top quality metal grating as well as other roof and floor drainage solutions. Do you need plumbing fittings or tiling outlets for your next project? Are you looking for reliable balcony, parapet or storm water drains? We’ve got the products that will work for you.

Our equipment is well-respected throughout the industry thanks to legendary designs like our Stuart Flushing Valves. We know how to produce metal grating that will last for many years. After four decades in the business we are confident in our superior design capabilities.

We’ve refined our manufacturing processes so that we have now achieved maximum efficiency. We can adapt easily to new technologies and legislation. Our design specialists are constantly looking for ways to improve and we only use the best materials to manufacture our metal grating.

You can’t go wrong with Metabronze. Why bother taking the risk of using inferior products? If you want the best results you need to use the best equipment. 

Metabronze Industries – manufacturing fantastic metal grating that will enhance the success of any project.

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