Half of all waste going to landfill comes from Building Sites - not with Metabronze/SPS Products

22 April 2021

I was truly surprised to hear of this when watching the Sunday program on TV1 on May 7 2023.

The SUNDAY program brought to light of how much materials used on building sites would never break down or take about 500 years to do so, and how many products provided a toxic affect, potentally for the occupants of these near air tight  new dwellings.

Metabronze exists in a market where about 95%+ of drains and piping is made from plastic.

Hence, we struggle to have our Bronze and Stainless-Steel Outlet Drains specified for construction projects or stocked on shelves for purchase. 

Why?, because the cost of Bronze and Stainless-Steel products, are more expensive than a plastic one. 

We are proud to inform you that our metal drains, Bronze, Stainless Steel and Cast Iron, will last longer than the plastic equivalent, and upon the end of their functional life, probably many decades or centuries later, the products or materials can be re-purposed or 100% recycled.

So, looking at the 'big picture' if you take into account the longevity of a Metabronze or SPS products, the cost of our  drains over the life of the drains or the building it is installed within, the cost of our drains will most likely be less than the plastic equivalent.

... And certainly, will be better for the environment.



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