'Rich-Listers' chooses the Metabronze Sustainable Solution

22 April 2021

We are currently supplying our Building Drainage Products to two up-market residences whose owners are looking for building materials to last a very long time within coastal environments.

As a Bronze Drain Supplier for over 40 years, Metabronze was chosen for their timeless bronze Clamtite Drains for the Rainwater outlets, and their SPS 316 stainless steel Podium Drains and Floor Drains for areas immediately surrounding the residences. 

The life of the Metabronze Clamtite Rainwater outlets can be so long it's hard to define. The Clamtite drains, made from high quality bronze, may last between 100 and 400 years, just like many old statues still sighted around the world from previous centuries.

We have two sizes of clamtite drains for each outlet size, the Superflow and the 'Compac' models. Both are over-engineered for strength, with the Super-flow providing superior water-flow qualities. Our current selection of clamtite drains are currently in the process of being independently tested for their water flow.

The Clamtite Drains provided to these residences are the compact versions of the 100mm and 150mm clamtite drains, inclusive of up-stand overflows additions, these being used as back-up rainwater outlets should the Clamtite Drains become blocked or the system fails.

The Metabronze Clamtite Drains are also supplied in 65mm and 80mm outlets, both clamtite outlet sizes coming in a superflow and 'compac' sizes. 

As bronze drain suppliers for over 40 years, we are proud to be able to contribute to the outcomes of these residential construction projects (names withheld intentionally) and form part of their objectives to maximise the lives of their dwellings. 

As a Floor Drain Supplier we are pleased to be able to provide Podium Drains for walkways and landscaped areas running adjacent to the dwellings. The podium drains chosen were either made from 316 stainless steel or bronze. Again, the quality of the podium drains, especially within seaside locations, was paramount when during the selection process. 

SPS and Metabronze have been supplying podium drains for over 30 years. These high-quality podium drains made from 316 Stainless Steel or bronze will last many decades. These Podium drains are great looking and can be purchased with heel friendly grates, secondary internal baskets to catch debrie, as well as be connected to channel drains. 

Metabronze are proud to supply these podium drains to these quality homes. 


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