What is green plus matting?

22 April 2021

Green Plus Matting is an amazing new product that allows you to use your use your lawn in many different ways without ruining your grass. It’s designed to allow for damage free vehicle access or parking on lawns and driveways, without damaging your lawn and with no visual impact when the grass has grown through. It is a simple, low cost solution to creating more parking areas around your home or workplace without the need to change your landscaping.

How does it work?

Green Plus Matting will keep your lawn looking great, even after having a dozen cars parked on it or hundreds of people walking all over it! It’s specifically manufactured in green, and is designed to let the grass grow through it. Once the grass has grown through the Green Plus Matting, it becomes virtually invisible and your grass can be mown as normal.

Is it difficult to install?

Whaka no! Green Plus Matting installation is so simple, anyone can do it. It requires no heavy lifting as it is made from an extremely strong and lightweight material. No need to pay for an installer, you can do it yourself.

Is it strong enough to support a car?

Absolutely. Green Plus Matting is incredibly strong. A fully loaded 4 x 4 utility up to 5 tonnes can be parked or driven on the Green Plus Matting installed area. To put this in perspective, an average family car weighs around 1.8 tonnes!

How long does it last?

Green Plus Matting is manufactured from high density Polyethylene which is used to manufacture heavy underground piping. It is an extremely tough material, and that’s why we give you an incredible ten year warranty.

So if you need extra space for vehicles or storage, use Green Plus Matting from Metabronze. Tough, simple and highly effective, what more do you need?



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