Bronze Drain Suppliers Metabronze extend their range of Clamtite Drains

22 April 2021

With the extremes in weather that we are currently experiencing, and with predictions of these types of occurrances happening year-round, designers of building claddings and fittings are having to plan for these events. These extreme conditions, once seen every 50 or 100 years, seem to now be upon us every few years, even annually.

To accommodate such extreme conditions, inclusive of flooding and drought, low level snow, and high winds, Bronze Drain Suppliers Metabronze have developed two different Clamtite drain sizes for each outlet size of their bronze Rainwater Outlet.

As Bronze Drain Suppliers, the Metabronze Clamtite Drains have been successfully supplied to the New Zealand Construction market for over thirty-five years. Their Clamtite drain design is original, and you can see similar looking Clamtite drain designs offered by other bronze drain suppliers on the market today. 

The Metabronze bronze clamtite drains are supplied in 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm outlet sizes, these Rainwater Outlets being provided in a larger clamtite body size, as well as a smaller version of the larger Clamtite drain. The larger size clamtite drains, which are named the Metabronze 'Superflow' Clamtite drain, are the largest clamtite drain on the market, with the greatest water flow for any bronze clamtite offered. 

Each Clamtite drain is available with a dome grate or a flat grate, with 50mm up-stands available for each of the Superflow and Compac versions of each outlet size. 

The 65mm and 80mm bronze clamtite drains are used for balconies with the larger clamtite drain sizes being utilised for roof top and carpark installations. 

The Metabronze bronze Clamtite drains are designed with a simple central fastening system with a 316 Stainless steel bolt fastening the grate to the ring and body of the clamtite drain, by way of a bridge attached to the body crossing through the centre of the clamtite drain. The benefit to the Rainwater outlet of the central fastening system is the that there are no bolts attached to the clamtite drain that could potentially damage the roofing material upon insallation or during the life of roof.

The Superflow Clamtite Rainwater outlets with provide the following surface coverage;

Outlet Size Square Metres
65mm 18
80mm 41
100mm 81
150mm 181
200mm 200

Metabronze are currently testing our Compact Clamtite drains for water flow. 

With more of a conservative approach to providing Building Drainage Products, we anticipate more need in the construction market for the larger Superflow Clamtite drains. However, with the comparative high cost of bronze compared to other metals and plastic, the use of the Compact clamtite drain version will probably still remain the standard and accepted choice of clamtite drain for rainwater outlets for specifiers. 

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