Why choose Metabronze for all your Roof and Floor Drain needs

22 April 2021

We are growing our customer base with our supply of Metabronze and SPS Roof & Floor drains for several reasons of which we are proud of, some reasons were a little unexpected!!

Metabronze and SPS have been around for a long time, some 45 years now, these brands being well entrenched in the New Zealand Construction Industry. 

Feedback from our Customers tell us; 

  • Metabronze supplies quality Clamtite Roof Drains and other high-grade material plumbing products
  • The SPS brand, having Watermark Certification for all Roof & Floor Drains, provides a viable alternative to the AllProof Selection
  • Personalised and prompt service is still a major benefit. Beng a small business allows for enquiries to be answered over the phone, and orders dispatched same day for over-night delivery. For urgent needs, we try to deliver on the same day as ordered. 
  • They are pleased with our ability to source a solution quickly, for non-stocked items, get the products from the supplier, more often than not, overnight, with delivery provided within 24-48 hours. 
  • Many customers believe competition is healthy, and without Metabronze, Allproof would further only dominate. Periodically there is reference to the high cost of construction. With competition, the market receives a wider range of Roof and Floor Drains, competitive pricing, and more innovations that lead to better management of water including sustainable solutions for the industry. 
  • The Metabronze range of Roof & Floor Drains, specialist plumbing ware and Rodding Eye products are made right here in New Zealand from recycled material. We are proud of this, as are our customers. 
  • We are listening to the needs of our customers and directing our product development to satisfy the changing needs of our customers, the climatic conditions, as well as the latest design trends. 
  • The SPS range of Roof & Floor drains manufacture drains with unique qualities that are well suited to our customer needs and can not be sourced anywhere else within New Zealand, inclusive of Allproof. Our range of Vinyl Floor Wastes, Roof & Balcony Drains, Basket Traps, Cleanouts, Floor & Podium Drains and Vari-level Drains offer differentiation from Allproof and other competitors. 
  • Small or large Drain orders, we cater for the entire market. From a single drain needed for an outdoor shower, or a driveway location, to supplying a Roof Drains to Airports, or Floor Drains to new Hospitals, we are able to deliver solutions for all enquiries.  
  • We are serious about providing a sustainable solution for our customers. Less than 1% of our supply is completed with plastic products.  For example, our bronze Clamtites will probably last longer than the building that houses them, and then at the end of their life, will again be able to be recycled or re-used for a new use. We are also proud to supply long-lasting products made from materials; 316 & 304 Stainless Steel, brass, and cast iron. 
  • Our SPS products especially, are designed, developed for maximum waterflow. We welcome you to compare our independent waterflow test results with Allproof. 
  • Last but not least, we are New Zealand owned and operated, our customers, like us, like supporting local businesses.

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