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6 August 2019

Metabronze has a drainage solutions that will work for your building or landscape project. If you are searching for a quality product that will last for the life of the building, and then some, install easily, fulfil sanatory requirements, and look great, Metabronze should be your first and last call.

We’ve been in the business for almost 50 years and we’ve built our brand and reputation by supplying superior drainage channel products that can be trusted to do the job.

Our Metabronze Bronze Outlets and grates are locally designed and manufactured for New Zealand conditions. We have been providing innovative and industry leading products to suit the changing climate environment and building standards. Not that there have been any problems with the Metabronze range of products, these drains and grates being built the the old fashioned way, to last.

And as bronze sculptures and figurines that are well over one hundred years old are still being pulled out of the ocean, we don't believe that there will be any problems with our bronze products lasting the life of the building. 

So if you are looking for a cheap plastic roof or floor drain that will need replacing by the Owners, Facilities Managers or the Body Corporate after just a few years, Metabronze is not the drain supplier for you. However if you are looking for a drain that will work out to be cheaper over the life of the building, then Metabronze is the solution and overall, the cheapest.    

Within the modern building environment where end users are looking for sustainable solutions, we believe that even when the Metabronze bronze outlets are pulled out of the remains of an obsolete building, the precious metals can be either be re-used or melted down for a new life.      

The next time you are looking for solutions for your building drainage needs, remember the Metabronze name. You can associate our name with trustworthiness, reliability and innovation... and Kiwi designed and made.

With a flexible, solution orientated and personalised approach to doing business, we won’t let you down. Our drain products will enhance and support the success of your project. The search for perfection has helped us to maintain our reputation in the industry and allows us to consistently produce the best quality metal roof and floor drains and grating.

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