Plumbers and Electricians choose quality Metabronze Bronze Fittings

22 April 2021

Trades People and other specialist Building & Roading Contractors know that Metabronze fittings are the longest lasting products on the market. Cheaper imported products with inferior materials 'don't hold a candle' to the life of the Metabronze products.

Metabronze Plumbing and Electrical fittings, built strong from LG2 bronze, become even more relevant in harsher climatic environments. With temperature extremes in some parts of the country ranging from below zero degree snow clad ground conditions in winter, through to 30 degree desert heat conditions in the peak of summer. 

Other coastal regions receive sea spray conditions whilst many other areas are exposed to year-round rainfall. 

As well as the general use of Metabronze fittings, we receive demand for our bronze products for the use in complex or unique building sites that eventually become confined or sealed in during the construction process. Stronger and more reliable Metabronze fittings are often chosen as there may be no opportunity to replace fittings without extensive re-modeling reparations to confined or hard to reach sections of a building. 

Not only do we receive orders for our Metabronze products by Contractors that prefer a quality, long lasting fitting, we are now seeing that Architects and Facade Engineers are looking for materials that will assist with the objective of providing a sustainable solution for the environment and the benefit for the future generations of the building occupants. 

We are also witnessing Building Owners, Construction Companies, Developers and Trades People wanting to leave a longer lasting building outcome for their customers. If for no other reason, quality and reputation go along way towards ensuring the future for their business. 

Ultimately, when our Metabronze products do arrive at the end of their life, and this end may only be due to the functional life of other construction materials, or the economic life of the building, our products primarily made from bronze and 316 Stainless Steel, can either be re-used or re-cycled, especially the bronze, which will always be seen as a valuable commodity. 

Choose from our wide range of Metabronze Bronze Plumbing and Electrical fittings inclusive of but limited to; 

Wide flange back nuts, roof and floor drains, gratings, earth clamps, floor and urinal wastes, short and long clean outs, rodding eyes, and a range of table E flanges. 

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