Stuart Flushing Valves


1. Surface Mounted Valves Chrome Plated

Model “600” Stuart valve with Isolator. 40mm Female Inlet
Model “400” Stuart valve only. 40mm Male Right, Left or Back entry
Model “60” Stuart Isolator only. 40mm Female Inlet

Model 600 C.P. valve with isolator. 40mm female entry. Face wall fixing. Right or left depending on pipe position

2. Concealed Mounted Valves Nickel Plated

Model “500” Stuart valve with Isolator. 40mm Female Inlet.
Model “300” Stuart Valve only. 40mm Male Inlet. Right, Left or Back entry
Model “30” Isolator only. 40mm Female Inlet

Behind wall. Concealed fixing 40mm female. B.S.P. Isolator
Note. When feed pipe is on left of pan order left hand valve and when on right order right hand.
Also when ordering push button extentions please advise dimensions “A” and “B”.

3. Concealed Type Valve

As No.2 above. But Model H.E. Valve is designed mainly for fitting in a 100mm Partition. It is a standard concealed type valve with integral EXTENDED C.P. push button and seperate C.P. hollow escutheon.

FEATURES – Simplicity – Efficiency – Noise Reduction

(1) Fewer working parts – all heavily plated to resist the effect of aggressive wear.
(2) Mostly supplied with our positive ‘Stop – Cock’ isolator as illustrated. Controls pan splash and pipe hammer on high heads of water.
(3) Designed for operation under heads of 14 Kpa up to 1000 Kpa pressure of water.
(4) Carefully tested and adjusted at factory to flush 11.5 litres of water in 9 seconds.
(5) Fully approved by leading Architects and City Councils. Some of the many installations;- Auckland Library, Auckland University (Science Block), Broadcasting House (Wellington), I.B.M. House Wellington, Dunedin Hospital (Clinical Services).
Guidelines and Installation

Spare Parts For Stuart Valves