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22 April 2021

If you appreciate New Zealand success stories then you are sure to be impressed by Metabronze Industries. Metabronze has been in business for over 40 years and is now the country’s leading manufacturer of metal grating and other roof and floor drainage supplies. We understand what it takes to stay at the top of our game and we are committed to providing outstanding equipment.

We made our name by producing incredible products like Stuart Flushing Valves – many of which are still operating today after being installed in the 1960’s. That’s why Metabronze is the choice of professionals throughout the nation – we manufacture superior metal grating that will last the distance.

We have a huge array of drainage solutions for you to choose from. Whatever project you are working on we have the equipment that you need – metal grating, storm water drains, plumbing fittings and tiling outlets, we’ve got it all.

Product development is of paramount importance to Metabronze. We’ve achieved success by being flexible and adaptable. We’ve also learned to constantly search for new and innovative production processes, materials and product designs. The search for perfection has helped us to maintain our reputation in the industry and allows us to consistently produce the best quality metal grating.

Remember our name when you are searching for top notch metal grating. Look for a trusted brand that plumbers have been relying on for over four decades. Metabronze products are available at all leading plumbing outlets including Plumbing World, Mastertrade and Mico.

Metabronze Industries – producing metal grating that is guaranteed to give you fantastic results. If you have any questions about us or our products, give us a call today or simply drop us an email. Our professional and friendly staff will be happy to help.



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