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Metabronze Industries – supplying superior floor drains

Floor drains from Metabronze- your perfect drainage solution

Are you looking for top quality floor drains? Metabronze Industries is a renowned Kiwi company that supplies roof and floor drainage solutions. We are committed to using superior materials and outstanding designs and we have been providing a large range of floor drainage products to New Zealand customers for over 40 years.

Metabronze is the best choice for floor drains because we are continuously working on product development and technological advancements. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you are using equipment which is going to last and will function correctly.

Our floor drains are available through all major plumbing suppliers including Plumbing World and Mastertrade. This is because the Metabronze name is respected throughout the industry and we work very hard to maintain our reputation as well as our high production standards.

Over the past four decades, we’ve learned that the most important business strategy is to be adaptable. The economy changes, regulations and technology change too and we know that it is vitally important that we remain flexible so that we can continue to produce the best floor drains in the country.

The best thing about us is that we are continuously looking for improvement. We’ll come up with a great channel drain product and then keep working on it and developing it. We’re not satisfied with resting on our laurels; we’re always striving for perfection.

So do you want sub-standard floor drains or do you want to purchase equipment made by a company that is always developing and perfecting their products? If you need the best drainage solutions and a professional, reliable result then you can rely on Metabronze Industries.

Make sure you choose Metabronze floor drains, available from all major plumbing outlets. Call us today or drop us an email!