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Metabronze Industries – providing channel drain solutions

Channel Drain solutions made simple.

Metabronze has been assisting New Zealand customers for over 40 years. We are a manufacturer of roof and flooring drains. We also manufacture hand finished machine chandlery. If you are looking for equipment for a channel drain system, we are the best choice.

When you are building a channel drain system it is essential that you use the correct products. Using inferior equipment can have disastrous consequences. There may also be different design aspects that are required depending on where the system is going to be used.

For example, if you are going to install a channel drain in a kitchen or industrial area you will need products that are hygienic. Metabronze can supply you with equipment that is resistant to acids and also has self-cleaning properties which make it perfect for use in kitchens.

If you are putting in a channel drain for surface water drainage in areas used by pedestrians or cyclists, we can provide products that are certified for such use. We ensure that our equipment is manufactured and certified to the appropriate standards, depending on the application.

Product development is of paramount importance to Metabronze. We’ve achieved success by being flexible and adaptable. We’ve also learned to constantly search for new and innovative production processes, materials and product designs. The search for perfection has helped us to maintain our reputation in the industry and allows us to consistently produce the best quality metal grating for channel drains.

Why use a company that doesn’t have a proven track record? The reason that we are still in the business after 40 years is that we manufacture high quality products and have built up a loyal customer base. Our customers know that they can depend on our channel drain equipment.

For all your channel drain solutions, contact Metabronze Industries. You can rely on our quality products. Talk to us about your requirements.