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Searching for a Drainage channel?

Metabronze have the drainage channel answer you’ve been looking for. Having been in this business for four decades, we’ve built up our reputation, a reputation that we deliver quality products and that we’re trusted to get the job done. Metabronze are highly regarded in New Zealand as a manufacturer of quality drainage channel products. All […]

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What is Green Plus Matting?

Green Plus Matting is an amazing new product that allows you to use your use your lawn in many different ways without ruining your grass. It’s designed to allow for damage free vehicle access or parking on lawns and driveways, without damaging your lawn and with no visual impact when the grass has grown through. […]

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Drainage supplies you can trust

A channel drains need to be reliable for a long time. If you expect it to last for years, then you need to use drainage supplies that are known to come from a reputable source.  Metabronze Industries are a Kiwi manufacturer of drainage supplies. We have been making and selling drainage equipment for over four […]

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